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So within two minutes of meeting this guy from the Internet, Jenna is already getting her tits massaged by him. You’ve gotta give her credit for going for what she wants. In three minutes, her meaty pussy lips are exposed from the side of her underwear, and this guy is sucking on her tits. “When you’re horny, who has time to waste?” Jenna told us. Soon she’s choking down his massive rod with plenty of spit and sexy moans.

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She fully disrobes and we see a slender body that’s ready for a fucking. The cock-thrusting action is right in your face as Jenna gets plowed on her back, on her side, in cowgirl and even in the air and while standing. Her perky B-cups bounce as she gets pumped full of meat. When it’s time for her to eat that cum, she smiles big to let us know how much she loved that fucking.

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This Asian cutie treats us to some sexy talk in Mandarin before getting down to business. She says “Come lay down in bed with me and sleep” because she doesn’t know the Mandarin word for fuck. She’ll just have to show us then. After some fun cock sucking and pussy licking, the pounding begins.

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Layla’s pussy is so tight you can see her lips gripping this cock as it fucks her from behind. The position this guy puts her in at 10:12 is pretty hot. We don’t know exactly how to describe it, so you’ll just have to see for yourself. By the end of this fuck fest she’s as hot and sticky as her pussy, especially when she gets that load of cum all over her face!

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Alessandra Jane Hoe in the Garden

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We don’t know who does lawn work in a tiny skirt and a tank top, or who decides to paint their nails in the middle of it, but we’re glad Alessandra does. Because somehow it leads to her fucking.

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She bends over a stump to get fucked doggie-style, then hops on top to get her meaty curtains split in reverse cowgirl. Her moans and the sound of slapping skin don’t stop until she gets a load sprayed all over her chin. Now that’s the kind of lawn work we like to see!

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Kaylee’s favorite part of this scene? “His huge cock!” she told us afterwards. “I loved sucking it and feeling how hard it was in my mouth, even though I could barely fit it in there. I was getting so excited to ride him because I knew it was going to feel so good in my pussy.

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I loved bouncing my little ass around on it! When I was on top and he was pounding me below, I thought he was going to split me in half–but in the best way! I stuck my tongue out extra wide for his cum!”

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Ariana was expecting to find her brother in the bathroom, so imagine her surprise when instead it’s his big, hung friend who just happened to spend the night. He has a case of morning wood, and she wants to help him out. His cock is pretty big, so she uses her hands, along with plenty of spit, to help her mouth out.

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His wood is only getting harder, and she knows she needs to bring her pussy into the equation if she wants to get him off. Ariana’s got big, meaty folds that you can really suck on. Her brother’s friend’s cock slides right in and she’s moaning, and rubbing her clit in no time. She loves it when he slaps her ass and fucks her hard. And she loves it when he cums all over her tongue. Mission accomplished.

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